Somalia National University

Jaamacada Ummada Soomaaliyeed or Somali National University SNU, for short, is the national university of the African nation of Somalia. The univesity buidling were located near KM4, located in the capital Mogadishu.

The main university ground was located about 6KM from city center. SNU was created in 1954 [1]. For just under 20 years in 1973 under the new Revolutionary leadership system of the military government, the SNU developed into a vast higher institution with 13 departments and half a dozen outposts throughout the country. Research centers were established in many cities. Main beneficiaries were regions with large agricultural and lifestock outputs such as Lower Jubba, Lower Shabelle, Middle Jubba, Gedo and Bay regions.

Somalis didn’t incorporate field farming with livestock farming. The military government has introduced techniques for the combined farming methods. Trained personal further developed what was known to Somalis as “qodaal masno”, or combined farming where farmers received help in raising animals for food. This was a new method of farming for many areas.

The teaching college Lafole or Lafoole, as it has been known to Somali speaking population was made a stand-alone institution with the help of US Corps back in the mid 1970s. Lafole served as the college of teaching and the instructional language was English.

The thirteen departments of Somali National University were:

  1. Department Of Sharia Law
  2. Department of Linguistics (Somali, Arabic, English, German and Italian)
  3. Department of Livestock and Forest Management
  4. Department of Education (Teaching College at Lafoole), 20 km west of Mogadishu
  5. Department of Agriculture
  6. Department of Geology and Mining
  7. Department of Medicine (College of Medicine) near Digfeer Hospital
  8. Department of Chemical/Industrial Engineering
  9. Department of History
  10. Department of Geography
  11. Science Department
  12. Department of Mathematics
  13. Department of Public Health

The university has been closed indefinitely, due to extensive damage to its physical facilities, the difficulty of holding classes, and acquiring books or other resources in the violent capital of Somalia


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